Hattan Tasji

Chief Executive Officer

Eng. Hattan Tasji brings 15+ years in Real Estate investments. A visionary leader adept at turning businesses around, he's known for strategic management and a strong industry network, fostering success in corporate investments and organizational management.

Moez Romdhani

Head of Property Management

A highly experienced professional in the hospitality industry, adept at managing diverse portfolios and delivering exceptional results, known for his expertise in property management, customer service, and employee growth, backed by a BA Honours degree in Hospitality Management with International Tourism.

Faisal Sindi

Director of Real Estate Department

Experienced General Manager in the utilities industry, skilled in Operations Management, Team Workshops, Work Hardening, Project Planning, and Team Management.

Sameera Albulushi

Sales Specialist

An experienced sales specialist, having worked in various roles in sales positions, and currently serving as a sales officer at Imam Real Estate Company.