The concept of establishing Durrat Alarous touristic city stemmed from the land development ethos embraced by Dallah Real Estate Holding Company, the owner and developer of this pioneering urban project. The journey began in 1991, with the dream gradually materializing into reality. Durrat Alarous spans over eight million square meters, nestled along the seashore just 50 kilometers north of Jeddah. A forward-thinking vision for lifestyle and future housing drove the undertaking of engineering studies, the selection of Durrat Alarous unique location, and the preparation of modern designs, allowing flexibility for future development in tandem with evolving lifestyle trends.

Durrat Alarous features a proximity to key facilities

Including the expansive King Abdullah Medical Complex and esteemed educational institutions such as the University of Business and Technology (UBT), King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Batterjee College of Health Sciences, and Waad Academy schools, among others.

The beach of your dreams ... an investment for the future

The Increased awareness and comprehension of the real estate investment culture have transformed vast expanses into valuable assets. Over the past twenty years, real estate assets in the area have demonstrated steady growth and high investment value, buoyed by financial facilities that have spurred a new wave of young investors to acquire land for residential or long-term investment purposes.

Living in Durrat Alarous epitomizes luxury

The city boasts comprehensive facilities and services, including electricity, a freshwater desalination plant, sewage networks, and telecommunications services. Its modern infrastructure is designed with ample flexibility to accommodate future development and population growth.

Privacy and safety for all family members

Privacy and safety are paramount in Durrat Alarous, with each residence offering complete privacy and access to a private beach. Round- the-clock security, cleaning, and maintenance services, coupled with children's playgrounds and green spaces, create an ideal environment for residents, complemented by restaurants and cafes perfect for social gatherings.

Embrace a vibrant and healthy seaside lifestyle in Durrat Alarous

Each land parcel or beachfront residential unit serves as a haven for those seeking tranquility, comfort, and privacy. This unique project offers the opportunity to own residential land with private beach access, starting from plots as small as 500 square meters, catering to various societal segments, supported by accessible financial facilities for prospective buyers.

Excellent investment opportunities

Saudi Arabia’s real estate market is one of the strongest in the region. Real estate investment has witnessed continuous growth in line with the Kingdom’s economic progress over the past four decades. Durrat Al Arous provides a safe environment with beautiful green spaces away from pollution, city noise, and traffic congestion. It offers round-the-clock security, with built-in cleaning and maintenance services. This is your chance to own one of the few remaining plots of land in Durrat Al Arous, either as an investment or to build your dream house. Contact us today!

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